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Inspired healing for conscious living

inspired healing for conscious living

Chakras/Sound Healing

September 25th, 2021


CHAKRA BALANCING SESSION 15-minute sound bowl healing Sit back and relax, pop in your headphones and listen to this chakra balancing meditation using Tibetan singing bowls. The natural tones created by these crystal bowls resonate with each of your chakras, while you simply breathe deeply and relax. Read More

Sound Healing

September 25th, 2021


CLEANSE YOUR AURA 30-minute Tibetan Sound Healing meditation This Tibetan healing sound video cleans the aura and space and removes all negative energy. This is an extremely relaxing sound which is beneficial to listen to in the morning or evening when you are winding down or before starting your day. Can also help as an […]


September 25th, 2021


QIGONG ROUTINE 20-minute Qigong excercise “Eight pieces of silk brocade” is a simple and effective Qigong routine presented to you by Judy K. Young. Applying deep breathing along with a simple routine which you can easily learn, this can be integrated into your life with ease. Read More

Sound Healing/Chakras

September 4th, 2021


CHAKRA TUNING 14-minute sound tuning fork session Solfeggio tuning forks produce deep, earth reverberating tones with beneficial overtones when activated. This Chakra Tuning session plays each of the seven tones (frequenices), six times each, with each tone resonating with our own chakras. If you are new to sound frequencies, it is perfectly normal not to […]

Crystal Healing

September 4th, 2021


CHAKRA CLEANSE USING CRYSTALS 13-minute Chakra healing tutorial Learn how to perform a full-body chakra crystal healing session on yourself. You will need a set of chakra gemstones which correlate with the specific seven chakras in your energy system. Scroll down or click on the button for more information on these specific crystal gemstones. Read […]