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Inspired healing for conscious living

inspired healing for conscious living

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Inspired healing for conscious living is a free holistic platform providing quick access to energy healing tools.


Quick 10-minute energy boost

Using simple Qi Gong excercises, this video helps to stimulate the Qi energy (the life force energy running through your body). If you are feeling sluggish and lacking in energy, these excercises will assist in giving you a boost in energy and vitality, particularly useful in the morning to set you up for the day ahead.

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This free energy healing website is a labour of love, offering free energy healing tools which I have personally used and still do. Rather than being an alternative form of treatment, I like to think of these holistic techniques as an additional resource in healing pain and traumatic events which lay dormant and affect your body on an energetic level.

Often, when traditional treatments don’t work, we must explore the true source of our pain. Working at the energetic level, instead of just the physical, we can open doors to a much deeper level of healing the body and ultimately, the soul.

The free energy healing methods presented to you here such as Chakra healing, Sound healing, Qigong, Tapping and Crystal healing are all easily accessible to try right now and absolutely free. Learn the basics of energy healing here so you can start exploring the right healing path for you.

On this website portal you will find accessible energy healing tools from industry pioneers and experts, carfeully selected and accessible for all.

Start your healing journey today and reclaim your own health and happiness.